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Some Implants Are Just Special!

Minimally Invasive Technology takes all things in implantology into account. Protocols, instruments' and most importantly the physical structure of the implant. Because even with the best procedures a less than stellar implant can ruin an entire system.

The MagiCore implant was specifically engineered to not only solve complex implant issues, but to think ahead for the prevention of future concerns that may have never been addressed previously. Engineered specifically to produce minimal shearing force into the alveolar bone and to reduce the difference of elasticity between fin threads and alveolar bone. In use by the patient, MagiCore has the most powerful and accurate force transfer due to this engineered stress distribution. MagiCore is placed using “Fit Drilling”™  and “Fit Placement”™ therefore there is no bone chipping or pressure to the bone during placement. This easy placement protocol allows for faster bone healing and without declines in initial stability. This creates an environment for immediate or early loading.

MagiCore implants are designed with the restoration in mind. Various crown shapes can be applied due to the minimal 2mm post height, all while having a stronger connection due to the ferrule effect. The post allows for adjustable placement depth according to the soft tissue thickness. Every case is different, and this implant considers the unique situations dentists find themselves in.

The MagiCore implant is a one-piece fixture, which means the collar portion is fused and can’t move which prevents the pumping action caused by typical two-piece implants with interface micro-movement. This is one aspect that addresses the inflammatory zone. Preventing peri-implantitis is critical for long-term success in implantology and the design of the MagiCore implant does just that!



  • Fin thread provides primary stability that lasts! Minimal osteoclastic activity means faster healing and restoration.
  • Initial stability through morphologic contact by the rectangular threads regardless of bone quality
  • Unmatched stress distribution, this prevents bone and tissue loss, especially in the coronal region. Virtually no shearing force
  • Plentiful bone volume between threads
  • Convenient Fit Placement™ due to “self-threading” after Fit Drilling™
  • Conical connection reduces biological leakages
  • Available in different ranges of diameters: 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 & 6.5 mm
  • Available in different Lengths: 7, 9, 11 & 13 mm.
  • Blasted and lightly treated surfacing
  • Internal connection is tapered with a hex base, using Grade 5 Titanium
  • Inverted internal hex abutment with external ferrule effect.
  • Placement possible without graft, even in narrow bone width
  • Use of relatively shorter implants for clinical ease
  • Machined tissue adhesion cuff provides a biological seal and prevents downward migration of junctional epithelium
  • Optimal periodontal stability and maintenance
  • Maintains NATURAL biologic width very similar to a natural tooth
  • Maintains tissue adhesion by not reinjuring surgical sites with subsequent surgeries, (uncovering and healing abutment placement)
  • Versatile prosthetic variations that match diverse clinical situations
  • Pre-established prosthetic fit insures trouble free restoration
  • Capable of 50-degree angulation change without a custom abutment
  • Ideal when Maxilomandibular space is minimal. Crown can be built in just 3.5 mm from crest of bone
  • Smaller screw diameter than most, retention is engineered into the connection and less diameter is required
  • Reinforced design in coronal area, exponentially stronger than typical bone level fixtures

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