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Academy of Minimally Invasive Implantology - AMII 

 The Academy’s aim is to define and expand the adoption of a new standard of minimally invasive patient implant care to implant dentistry. This will be accomplished through delivering education and performing ongoing research. The education will provide certification of treatment protocols and proof of mastery of patient treatments with advanced credentialing awards. 

 For minimally invasive implantology to be more than just a buzz word, it requires revolutionary treatment advancesRevolutionary treatment advances require new thinking and peer collaboration. With the formation of AMII, we are expanding the very boundaries of the currently held dental definition of minimally invasive.  

 Minimally invasive is not simply flapless, although that is one of dozens of treatment improvements that are part of the scope of this new approach to implantology. Minimally invasive is fewer surgeries. Minimally invasive is longer lasting function, thereby avoiding additional patient treatments. Our minimally invasive philosophy includes an unyielding drive to match the natural tooth in function. The achievement of this goal required complete and total reimagining dental implant treatment. The discovery process occurred over many years and ranged from patient selection, to instrumentation, to implant design, to procedures and protocols.   

The results of this process are astounding! 

The complete system was incubated and refined over the last 13 years. Clinical outcomes are breaking long held assumptions about treatment methods and healing processes. The completed process was named “The Magic Implant System”.  It was imagined by Dr. J.W. Wang and its uniqueness is attested to by over 35 related patents. This revolutionary new approach is now available to clinicians as a complete, end-to-end implant solution.  The Magic System is comprised of 3 overlapping innovations called the Value Triad (V3), of instruments, implants and protocols = V3 Where the whole is much greater than the sum of the parts.  

Dr. Wang’s biotechnology companyInnoBioSurg Implants (IBSI) has been his partner in engineering the Magic Implant SystemAs with most new technologies he realized the need for training and education of the new principles. Therefore, use of the system is limited to professionals who have received specialized training and are certified in the use of the system.  

 AMII was created to help bring a wider body of clinicians together to continue the advancements into minimally invasive implantology, and to deliver the training and certifications to use the Magic Implant System 

AMII is an international association focused on academics and research while promoting a new standard in patient care. The United States chapter formed in 2020 is excited to move forward with this ground-breaking initiative for dentistry. The heart of AMII is in education and research. We have included levels of certifications, advanced credentialing, as well as dedicated mentorship and training programs.  In addition to providing certifications, the AMII Association’s advanced credential opportunities are aligned similarly to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry – AAID and the American Board of Oral Implantology/Implant Dentistry – ABOI credentials in the same manner of Associate, Fellow, Master and Diplomat awards.    

 AMII is currently accepting applications for founding members. These members will participate in the Associations leadership helping to define other annual membership benefits such as: case study librariesteam trainings and certifications, course discounts, press and public relations visibility. Our founding members will also help develop the AMII brand for coop-advertising for practice patient publicity, publications, case reviews, industry updates and product discounts. Some of the founding members will be selected and will perform advisory roles. We envision a day soon when AMII holds a widely recognized leadership and influence for its advocacy and pioneering minimally invasive patient care.

The key milestones on our path to achieve this vision are:   

  • Membership invitations that will be expanded to experienced implantologists and respected training centers.    
  • Distanced learning with curriculum and online training platform for consistency and standardized certifications.
  • A structured mentoring program will provide a standardized path to AMII certification outside of courses.  These structured mentoring arrangements will open yet another path for newcomers to receive certification in local settings and provide mentoring help.
  • The formation of AMII user groups and study clubs to foster residency styled continuums for advanced credential achievements.
  • Patient advertising promoting AMII certified treatments in local areas both through broadcast and web.  

There is a great amount to accomplish and exciting things coming. There are opportunities to become involved leading initiatives, speaking to and training groups, one on one mentoring, or simply providing the great new treatments to patients within your practice.

We invite you to join us as we build this revolutionary organization.


* InnoBioSurg Implant (IBS Implant) is the exclusive implant sponsor of AMII.  The use of the Magic System and implants (Magic FC and MagiCore) is limited to AMII members who are certified through AMII training courses. After certification of the Magic System, advanced AMII credentials will be awarded for those demonstrating mastery of minimally invasive patient care. These advanced credentials will include Ambassador, Associate, Fellow, Master and Diplomat credentials.  The achievement of these levels is a combination of course hours and the number of cases performed.  


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