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IBSI (IBS Implant) pioneered and patented the Magic System which is uniquely designed to perform Minimally Invasive Implant patient care. AMII trains and certifies practices to perform Minimally Invasive Implant treatments.


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As seen by the growing market of implants, patients are actively seeking tooth replacement therapy. Minimally invasive treatments have tremendous appeal to patients as seen in many aspects of dentistry from aesthetics, endodontics and now implants. This course will provide the rationale and hands-on experience of new standards in minimally invasive implantology.

SEPTEMBER 24, 2021

The Exciting Possibilities with Minimally Invasive Implantology

with Jeffrey Yang, DMD


"What we learned this weekend is definitely a game changer in the world of implant dentistry. The sinus bump and lift (MISL™) procedure will pay for the kit in a month by keeping "past" referrals in my office."

Dr. R. Perez, DDS

/ Pleasant Hill, CA

"Harness the power of Minimally Invasive..."

Top Rated

"Great intro to this cutting-edge technology (MISL™) implant/sinus/bone system. I would recommend this course and implant system to anybody!"

Dr. P. Ly

/ Sacramento, CA

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