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We are online w/ AMII Live!

Like so many businesses during this global pandemic, our business is going through dramatic transformation. 

Because of our localized programs and local field consultants our customers needs were met directly in person. Now our customers need online resources, and we are moving selected services online. 

Welcome to AMII Tv, our new online resource where we are sharing and publishing new curriculum. 

We have started with a live interview series where real dentists discuss minimally invasive implant treatments. 

Other series and resources are planned for release soon. 

For example -

We specialized in highly personal in person training. We are taking our full day courses and moving them into online programs on demand modules. 

We hosted live courses with extensive hands-on exercises. We are splitting out the instruction into lecture and highly condensed exercises. Students will view the lecture from home and then later attend extensive hands-on during live courses. If  social distancing restrictions remain in place, we will send kits for in-home/office homework which can be returned after completing the modules. 

Beyond the classroom we, advocate peer to peer collaboration. Our team of field experts provide in person support and training. All of the in-person direct programs are undergoing redesign and publication for online access. 

Our faculty who travel to host courses are making themselves available for tele- support. ,

Our goals to help dental professionals become certified to perform minimally invasive implantology is now gaining a powerful online arm.  After the pandemic subsides we will again hold in person training but we will have a powerful online resource to compliment those programs. 

We welcome you to our growing community of minimally invasive implant dentists. 

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