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New Mini-Series of Implant Surgical Protocol Reviews


We are pleased to announce a new channel on AMII TV where we focus on implant cases and unique minimally invasive treatments. 

The first program on our new channel is a Mini-Series focused on 4 surgeries.

Each episode features a short edited video surgery being performed from start to finish. Then AMII Educators view the surgery and provide narration and explanations as they pause, rewind and play the recording. 

The series starts with an implant placement using GPS guidance, Fit drilling and Fit placement.  

The future episodes will feature a additional protocols like immediate placement (PBR techniques), a sinus bump (BEB Techniques) and the final episode is a sinus lift using the MISL/CMC techniques. 

We invite you to register on AMII TV and join us as we explore the dynamic new protocols for minimally invasive implant treatment protocols in this new Mini-Series





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