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Pain Management and Healing Recovery-Naturally

All dentists want their patients to be comfortable and pain free during and following implant surgical procedures. Pain management and the opioid crisis is in the forefront of peoples mind and dentistry has been included as a contributor to the crisis. In 2016 Kate Snow with CBS news did a story entitled The Deadly Triangle: Dentists, Drugs and Dependence that once again threw dentistry in an unfavorable light. The industry by and large tries to follow guidelines with diligence and responsibility through communication, conscientiousness prescribing methods and responsible usage but the difficulties to navigate patients’ pain is very real.

Potential Help:

There may be an option for pain management and healing recovery in the way of products from StellaLife. In 2019 and in 2020 StellaLife VEGA Oral Care Recovery Kit was awarded Dental Advisors Top Oral Healing Product with a 91% clinical rating. StellaLife are all-natural ingredient solutions for pre- and post-surgical treatment that can significantly reduce the need for narcotics and steroids. Their recovery system includes an antimicrobial rinse, sublingual systemic pain reliever spray and topical gel.

The all-natural VEGA Oral Care Recovery kit provides pre-emptive analgesia and a reduction of inflammation, bleeding, and bruising. It is effective against the oral pathogen Porphyromonas gingivalis (Pg) one of the 3 red complex periodontal pathogens that can adhere and invade oral epithelium.

VEGA Oral Care Gel helps to relieve pain associated with oral ulcers, cold sores and even dry sockets. It is hydrating to the tissues and accelerates healing after procedures. VEGA Oral Care Rinse has bacteria fighting properties that promote healthy gums, hydrate the oral cavity while killing over 99% of Strep Mutans and half of anaerobic bacterial load. When combining both the Gel and the Rinse alongside their pain relief spray you have a powerful recovery system after dental implant surgery.

Recommendations are to start 3 days prior to surgery, build up to therapeutic levels that takes advantage of anxiolytic properties of the gel and spray. It can accelerate healing naturally after dental surgeries such as extractions, implants, bone and connective tissue grafting, LANAP, osseous surgery, crown lengthening, sinus lift, ridge augmentation, and other procedures including SRP. This method may decrease the need for opioids by hastening faster healing and relieving oral pain, swelling and bruising. Their pain reliever spray is fast acting and can be used for relief for patients with dry sockets, mouth ulcers, dry mouth, canker/cold/denture sores, braces, mucositis, thrush, and Lichen Planus.

Whether you are a periodontist, oral surgeon, orthodontist or general practitioner every clinician can benefit from the patient rewards.

For a full list of research studies and videos please visit: or Deb Durako, [email protected] for further questions.

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