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Magic System : Value Triad (V1) Specialized Instruments

Triad Value (V1) Specialized Instruments  

Instruments + Implants + Protocols = Success. 

The origin story of the Value Triad (V3) really starts with instruments. Dr. J.W. Wang had a personal quest to reduce patient trauma and he was a skilled engineer before becoming a dentist. As all trained engineers he looked at the world differently. When he began practicing dentistry and looked at instruments, he saw mathematical formulas of stress and force vectors. He recognized opportunities to improve them and began developing better ways. 

 From this perspective major innovations were realized, patents were granted and prestigious innovation awards were received. Part 1, the first critical element of the 3 parts to the Value Triad was forged. His instruments began redefining Patient treatments with much less invasive applications. 

As the reputation and notoriety of the instruments grew, so did the offers from companies to acquire these instruments. Instead of accepting these offers, Dr. Wang continued his personal mission. The rigorous standards for minimally invasive treatments required a completely fresh approach to implant design, which he began as his next project. His innovative implant designs have achieved wonderful results (Value Triad part 2 or V2). The synergistic relationship of instruments and implants enabled amazingly powerful treatment protocols which are part 3 of the Value Triad. Now together they define the InnoBioSurg, Magic Implant System.  

 Osteotomy Preparation – Cutting Drills - (patented) 

  • Fit drilling – because the drills cut not auger 
  • Single drill protocols no matter the diameter (one drill place implant) 
  • Unprecedented smooth stable performance 
  • Low heat and fast dissipation  
  • Guided via internal pins or freehand 
  • Free hand angulation changes up to 7mm 
  • Confident control via 2000 rpm 
  • Laser marked depth bands 
  • Accommodating a full complement of drill stops  


Bone Expansion and Bending – Totally Unique Osteotomes - (patented) 

Not all bone should be drilled. Soft bone requires compression, expansion and controlled fracturing. 

  • Osteotomy preparation in soft bone  
  • Ridge expansion  
  • Used by simple hand pressure or very delicate tapping  
  • Multiple sizes  
  • Interchangeable tips with custom surgical stainless-steel handle 
  • Star shaped blades with laser etched depth bands 
  • Standard in all surgical kits 


Controlled Micro-fractures  

Osteotomy preparation under the sinus can now be extended into the sinus with controlled, predictable up fractures.  

  • BEB Instruments also do sinus bumps up to 5mm 
  • Used in concert with drills  
  • Angled driver for easier access 
  • Surgical mallet for soft tapping to bump sinus floor 


Sinus Lifting - (patented) 

  • Crestal approach for sinus lifts, up to 11mm  
  • Precision instrument shape and size 
  • Laser etched depth bands 
  • Clever edge extensions create unique resistance for precise control 
  • Optimally sized to mate with prepped bone 
  • Tip angulation directs energy producing extremely predictable micro-fractures of sinus floor 
  • Hollow core locks the engagement with the bone for precise tissue lift (think umbrella) 
  • Predictable, repeatable round domed sinus membrane lift every time 
  • Dedicated Full Kit with all supporting instruments 


Guidance Pin System – For Drill Guidance - (patented) 

  • Pins show location and angle 
  • Radiopaque for great radiology marking 
  • Unique and proprietary with internal drill guidance 
  • Empowers full benefits of guidance but adjustable real time use 
  • Pins insert with 1mm diameter leg, allowing pin to be moved and adjusted with minimal bone trauma 
  • Colorized for size indication 
  • Short and long versions to accommodate various jaw sizes 
  • Dedicated Full Kit with all supporting instruments 


Bone Removal and Harvesting  

  • Custom instrument that extracts bone from the core of the Magic drills 
  • Standard with all surgical kits 


Comprehensive Kits  

  • Surgical kit designs with intuitive flow 
  • Complete drill and bone expanders  
  • Stand-alone Sinus Lift Kit 
  • Stand-alone Pin Guide System (GPS) 


These exclusive patented instruments are used in harmony creating one part of the value triad (V3). Whether using them for bone removal, harvesting or drilling, expanding or bending bone or using the guidance pin system the performance is effective and efficient. 

Managing bone without trauma is foundational to true minimally invasive treatments. Instruments engineered for success!  

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