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Magic System : Triad Value (V3) Protocols

Triad Value (V3) Protocols 

Instruments + Implants + Protocols = Success.  

Enabled by the powerful new precision instruments and the uniquely performing implant there are over a dozen unique protocols that are possible. The Magic System’s protocols complete the Value Triad and bring exciting new ways to perform minimally invasive patient care.  From atraumatic sinus augmentations, narrow ridge expansions, soft bone management, soft tissue management, biologic width control, immediate placement after extractions to basic atraumatic implant placement. 

The unprecedented ability to treat patient conditions which were formerly considered impossible. Outcomes that seem to defy commonly held paradigms. Less trauma and minimally invasive protocols that completely challenge legacy thinking. 

The core of IBSI’s protocols are related to site preparation for implant placement. The protocol performed is dependent upon the quality and attributes of the bone. There are instruments designed to help determine the bone quality. All implant placement uses one or a combination of these principle protocols: 

  • Peripheral Bone Removal - P.B.R.  (Drilling) 
  • Bone Expansion and Bending - B.E.B.  (three indications) 
    • Preparing the site in soft bone 
    • Ridge expansion 
    • Sinus augmentation < 4mm 
  • Crestal Approach with Membrane Control – C.M.C.  (sinus lifting greater than 4mm in height with added bone materials). 

The combinations of these core skills are taught in multiple additional advanced protocols. These powerful protocol solutions open many new and unique clinical pathways to patient treatments.  

The IBSI surgical kit and protocols flow logically and follow best practice and a “Golden Rule” approach to implant placement: 

  • Location, Angulation, Depth, and Diameter.

Then after successfully following the sequence and steps 1 to 3 of the golden rule of implant preparation, steps 4 and 5 are performed for Placement, Cover and Prosthetics

The final piece to IBSI’s Value Triad instills the greatest success for clinicians and patients and that is reliable, repeatable, proven, Protocols

Being properly trained in the Magic System is one of InnoBioSurg and the Academy of Minimally Invasive Implantology’s primary goals. Whether that is through initial certification trainings, mentorships or achieving advanced credentials, your success is our mission.  

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