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Meet Dr. J.W. Wang


Dr. Je-won Wang D.D.S., M.S., 

Dentist, Engineer Inventor and Founder of InnoBioSurg of America and the Academy of Minimally Invasive Implantology. 

Dr. Wang worked in engineering prior to his over 25 years as a prosthodontist. He placed implants his entire career and his engineering prowess prevented him from accepting the status quo of not only implant design but instrument designs as well. He needed solutions so he created them. He began designing and patenting custom instruments and his deep dive into implant research soon followed. His unwavering desire to have a better implant led him to found an biotech company. InnoBioSurg is that company and it has grown steadily into a global force with office around the world. InnoBioSurg produce IBS Implants where he continues to serve as the President and CEO.  Dr. Wang is also Director of IBS Implant Research and Development Institute.  

After patenting over 35 instruments and implants his leadership moved him to create specific protocols so that all dentists could effectively place implants with his unique system for predictable positive outcomes.  He has lectured internationally training over 10,000 general practitioners and specialists. To achieve the enormous levels of implant success requires all three components of the IBS system - the uniquely designed patented instruments, the placement of distinctively designed implants and precise protocols that leverage IBS implants and instruments. 

His accomplishments in the field has been recognized and he was awarded the Most Innovative Medical Patents Award in 2014. His emerging company required exceptional dedication and leadership where Dr. Wang has also excelled. For his leadership he was recognized by receiving the Forbes CEO award in Creative Innovation by Forbes and Ministry of Science in 2015, and he was awarded in 2017 Leader of the Year by Korea Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy. His most recent award was being elected into Global Summits Institute World's Top 100 Doctors in Dentistry. The honorary recognition is a lifetime achievement award for exceptional services rendered to the art and science of the profession of dentistry. 

His leadership now extends to minimally invasive implantology and he is the founder and director of the Academy of Minimally Invasive Implantology or AMII. As a pioneer in the field of minimally invasive implant dentistry and leading the industry with innovations he has pioneered “Fit“ protocols with patented instruments and produced the ground-breaking MagiCore implant technology.  Dr. Wang is dedicated to helping more patients receive minimally invasive treatments and aiding clinicians with measurable success to achieve their implant goals.   

Dr. Wang was ahead of his time when he created sinus lift instruments that provide crestal approach with controlled micro fracture of bone and predictable membrane preservation. His foundation and philosophy were to create better patient comfort by having systems that are not only less traumatic but truly less invasive. He found a way to have predictable bone manipulation by designing the Fin Thread specifically engineered for morphologic stability. There are no major bone compressing and fracturing so the healing begins on day 1 of treatment. Fin threads were not imagined as a theory they were engineered from sound engineering principles. They follow a mathematical formula that creates a flexion of the thread in harmony with adjacent bone but that wasn’t enough. Traditional Ti formulations were not strong enough to accomplish this flexion, therefore he used the more expensive and better performing Grade 5 Ti (Grade 23 ELI), with its recognized superior strengths in orthopedic implant surgical applications. He created a solution to osteotomy preparations. The Magic drill, rotating blades to cut bone with an unparalleled smooth cutting control. This is a single drill protocol to not only cut bone but harvest the bone as well. The dental industry must keep evolving and improving and Dr. Je-won Wang does exactly that by creating an innovative, bone centric, easy implemented, simple implant system for dentists to ensure success for their patients and their practice.  


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