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The first World Symposium in the USA is happening now! 

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What is AMIITV?

AMII TV is a content library for the Academy of Minimally Invasive Implantology. Subscribing clinicians benefit from new opportunities, innovative protocols and techniques, and proven practices designed to achieve optimal implant success.


  • AMII Live - Interviews and conversations with real dentists and experts in implantology. 
  • Mini Series - Case studies
  • CE Opportunities

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AMII Case Studies

Case Study Reviews

Implant cases review and commentary: experts in AMII Protocols comment and explain the procedures being performed while pointing out the unique instrument, implant, and protocol details. The surgery cases are all examples of AMII certified Minimally Invasive Implant treatments.

AMII Case Studies

Live w/Dr. Michael Miyasaki

In the midst of a pandemic, AMII provides clinicians an opportunity to meet online and share personal backgrounds, opinions about the current events and their passion for minimally invasive patient treatments. These are authentic unscripted sessions that we hope you enjoy.

AMII Case Studies

CE Opportunities

AMII is firmly committed to make available CE courses online or in-person for dental providers. A comprehensive implant training program from materials to techniques focused on minimally invasive innovations. Whether In-depth lectures or hands-on courses there is valuable content for everyone.

AMII Case Studies

Circle of Care

Evidence based education to enhance users knowledge and improve their practice skills for all things implantology. Free 20 minute CE modules that include:  Implant Maintenance, oral Systemic health, practice management and restorative concerns.


Ferrule Effect

Fundamental Differences of Periodontitis and Peri-Implantitis

Microscopes: Avenues for Success

Spotlight: Guide Pin System - (GPS)

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What is AMII?

The Academy’s aim is to define and expand the adoption of a new standard of minimally invasive patient implant care to implant dentistry. This will be accomplished through delivering education and performing ongoing research.

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Improve patient comfort and healing, participate in research, receive education and certifications in treatment protocols. Show third party proof of mastery of patient treatments. Receive advanced credentialing awards. 


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What is AMII?

The Academy primary objective is to define and expand the adoption of a new standard of Minimally Invasive patient care to implant dentistry - through delivering education and performing ongoing research.

Why Should I Become a Member?

  • Improve patient comfort and healing
  • Participate in research
  • Receive education and certifications in treatment protocols
  • Show third party proof of mastery of patient treatments
  • Receive advanced credentials awards

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